Lead, Electrical Engineer


Develop FPGA designs and IP modules according to specifications
Innovate new ideas and explore new technologies
Work in a team of engineers
Perform FPGA system design, implementation, verification, integration and validation activities
Analyze results and build data to identify root cause issues and trends
Bachelor’s Degree and minimum 9 years of prior relevant experience or Master’s Degree and minimum 6 years of prior relevant experience
6+ years’ experience in VHDL or Verilog RTL coding for FPGA synthesis and verification
6+ years’ experience with Xilinx® Vivado® tool suite for implementation, timing closure and debug
6+ years’ experience in a lab debug environment for interfaces such as DDR3, DDR4, I2C, SPI, RS232, LVDS and more.
Preferred Additional Skills:
Experience with MATLAB, C, and C++ programming 
Experience with MATLAB Simulink Synplify Modeling Compiler (SMC) for signal processing design
Scripting language experience such as TCL/TK, Python, Perl, tcl, csh, and/or visual studios
Experience with Linux OS
Experience in Digital Signal Processing
Experience with board level design and debug
Experience with high-speed FPGA designs
Experience with Xilinx® Platform Studio and EDK 
Experience with Xilinx® Vivado UltraScale
Strong analytical skills
ModelSim/Questa or equivalent logic simulation tools 
Libero (Microsemi), Quartus (Intel), Vivado (Xilinx) FPGA development tools 
DxDesigner or equivalent schematic capture tools 
High speed serial, digital interfaces 
Digital communication algorithm development and implementation 
Manipulation of packet protocols 
Experience utilizing lab equipment (Oscilloscopes / Spec-A / Sig-Gen)
Experience with Subversion, GitHub, and/or other version control and repositories
Experience with Crypto TEMPEST IA and familiarity with Denali FPGA architectures
Security Clearance


Palm Bay, Florida 33911






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