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Digital Printing Associate


Digital Printing Associate


Using the digital printing software you will be printing massive amounts of paper which includes mailers for businesses all over Hawaii.  You will use the touch screen to select the job, verify what task needs to be completed to begin the print job, load the correct paper in the correct bay and beginning the print job then monitor for any hinderance.  Once the job completes you will have to move stacks of paper up to 2000 sheets tall, to a cart to be moved to the stuffing, mailing and sealing machine.


The ideal applicant will be interested in working around advanced high speed printers, be able to use touch screens, follow instructions on loading papers and entering the correct data into the computers.


This is an entry level position with our organization and can and will lead to a long term career in the publication or printing industry in Hawaii.  Once the person learns how to operate the printers and masters that task we will then train them on how to operate our stuffing, sorting, sealing and mailing machines.



Be able to operate a touch screen computer

Be able to load 500 sheets of paper and pick up boxes of paper up to 30 pounds

Be able to move stacks of printed papers to carts and keep jobs separate

Be able to communicate with staff when problems arise

Be trainable


We are located near Sand Island road and operate Hawaii's largest independent printing and mail presorting services in State.


We look forward to seeing your resume, or a brief bio about your background.  We will take someone with no work experience as long as they meet the minimum requirements.




Honolulu, Hawaii 96819




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